About Researches in Our Lab.

We study systematics, phylogenetics, morphology, biogeography, and speciation of terrestrial vertebrates, especially mammals and reptiles.

Assistant Professor T. Okamoto is interested in molecular phylogeography and speciation of reptiles, and now studying Plestiodon in mainland of Japan and adjacent islands. We have a collaborative staff, Professor M. Motokawa of Kyoto University Museum. He studies systematics and phylogenetics of mammals, and organizes international research networks in East Asia. Students studying mammals are supervised by him.

Our researches are based on morphology and molecular genetics using field sampling and museum specimens, and output as articles on new species description, geographic variation study, phylogenetics, speciation, and so on.

See member list for research interests of current menbers.

If you want to study such topics as a grauduate student, please contact us by e-mail.