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PDF articles for all the issues of Current Herpetology and predecessor (vol. 1–23 open-access) and Vol. 2000—2008 of Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan (all volumes open-access) are available from J-STAGE (see below).

Acta Herpetologica Japonica

*PDF articles are downloadable from J-STAGE
1964Vol.1, No.1700 JPY
1965Vol.1, No.2Sold out
1965Vol.1, No.3700 JPY
1966Vol.1, No.4700 JPY
1966Vol.2, No.1Sold out
1967Vol.2, No.2500 JPY
1967Vol.2, No.3500 JPY
1968Vol.2, No.4300 JPY
1968Vol.3, No.1700 JPY
1969Vol.3, No.2/3Sold out
1970Vol.3, No.41,000 JPY
1971Vol.4, No.1–41,000 JPY
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Japanese Journal of Herpetology

*PDF articles are downloadable from J-STAGE
1972Vol.5, No.11,000 JPY
1973Vol.5, No.21,000 JPY
1974Vol.5, No.31,000 JPY
1974Vol.5, No.41,000 JPY
1975Vol.6, No.11,000 JPY
1975Vol.6, No.21,000 JPY
1976Vol.6, No.31,000 JPY
1976Vol.6, No.41,000 JPY
1977Vol.7, No.11,500 JPY
1977Vol.7, No.21,500 JPY
1978Vol.7, No.31,500 JPY
1978Vol.7, No.41,500 JPY
1979Vol.8, No.1Sold out
1979Vol.8, No.21,500 JPY
1980Vol.8, No.3Sold out
1980Vol.8, No.41,500 JPY
1981Vol.9, No.1Sold out
1981Vol.9, No.21,500 JPY
1982Vol.9, No.3Sold out
1982Vol.9, No.4Sold out
1983Vol.10, No.1Sold out
1983Vol.10, No.2Sold out
1984Vol.10, No.3Sold out
1984Vol.10, No.4Sold out
1985Vol.11, No.1Sold out
1985Vol.11, No.2 1,500 JPY
1986Vol.11, No.3Sold out
1986Vol.11, No.4Sold out
1987Vol.12, No.1Sold out
1987Vol.12, No.2Sold out
1988Vol.12, No.3Sold out
1988Vol.12, No.4 1,500 JPY
1989Vol.13, No.1Sold out
1989Vol.13, No.2 2,500 JPY
1990Vol.13, No.3 2,500 JPY
1990Vol.13, No.4 2,500 JPY
1991Vol.14, No.1Sold out
1991Vol.14, No.2Sold out
1992Vol.14, No.3Sold out
1992Vol.14, No.4 2,500 JPY
1993Vol.15, No.1Sold out
1993Vol.15, No.2Sold out
1994Vol.15, No.3 2,500 JPY
1994Vol.15, No.4 2,500 JPY
1995Vol.16, No.1 2,500 JPY
1995Vol.16, No.2Sold out
1996Vol.16, No.3 2,500 JPY
1996Vol.16, No.4 2,500 JPY
1997Vol.17, No.1 2,500 JPY
1997Vol.17, No.2 2,500 JPY
1998Vol.17, No.3 2,500 JPY
1998Vol.17, No.4 2,500 JPY
1999Vol.18, No.1Sold out
1999Vol.18, No.2 2,000 JPY
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Current Herpetology

*PDF articles of Vol. 19 (2000)—Vol. 23 (2004) are downloadable from J-STAGE. Vol. 24 (2005) or later volumes are only for HSJ members and registered libraries.
2000Vol.19, No.1 1,500 JPY
2000Vol.19, No.2 1,500 JPY
2001Vol.20, No.1 1,500 JPY
2001Vol.20, No.2 1,500 JPY
2002Vol.21, No.1 1,500 JPY
2002Vol.21, No.2 1,500 JPY
2003Vol.22, No.1 1,500 JPY
2003Vol.22, No.2 1,500 JPY
2004Vol.23, No.1 1,500 JPY
2004Vol.23, No.2 1,500 JPY
2005Vol.24, No.1 1,500 JPY
2005Vol.24, No.2 1,500 JPY
2006Vol.25, No.1 1,500 JPY
2006Vol.25, No.2 1,500 JPY
2007Vol.26, No.1 1,500 JPY
2007Vol.26, No.2 1,500 JPY
2008Vol.27, No.1 1,500 JPY
2008Vol.27, No.2 1,500 JPY
2009Vol.28, No.1 1,500 JPY
2009Vol.28, No.2 1,500 JPY
2010Vol.29, No.1 1,500 JPY
2010Vol.29, No.2 1,500 JPY
2011Vol.30, No.1 1,500 JPY
2011Vol.30, No.2 1,500 JPY
2012Vol.31, No.1 1,500 JPY
2012Vol.31, No.2 1,500 JPY
2013Vol.32, No.1 1,500 JPY
2013Vol.32, No.2 1,500 JPY
2014Vol.33, No.1 1,500 JPY
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Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan

*PDF articles of Vol. 1999—2008 are downloadable from J-STAGE
1999Vol.1999, No.11,000 JPY
2000Vol.2000, No.11,000 JPY
2000Vol.2000, No.21,000 JPY
2001Vol.2001, No.11,000 JPY
2001Vol.2001, No.21,000 JPY
2002Vol.2002, No.11,000 JPY
2002Vol.2002, No.21,000 JPY
2003Vol.2003, No.11,000 JPY
2003Vol.2003, No.21,000 JPY
2004Vol.2004, No.11,000 JPY
2004Vol.2004, No.21,000 JPY
2005Vol.2005, No.11,000 JPY
2005Vol.2005, No.21,000 JPY
2006Vol.2006, No.11,000 JPY
2006Vol.2006, No.21,000 JPY
2007Vol.2007, No.11,000 JPY
2007Vol.2007, No.21,000 JPY
2008Vol.2008, No.11,000 JPY
2008Vol.2008, No.21,000 JPY
2009Vol.2009, No.11,000 JPY
2009Vol.2009, No.21,000 JPY
2010Vol.2010, No.11,000 JPY
2010Vol.2010, No.21,000 JPY
2011Vol.2011, No.11,000 JPY
2011Vol.2011, No.21,000 JPY
2012Vol.2012, No.11,000 JPY
2012Vol.2012, No.21,000 JPY
2013Vol.2013, No.11,000 JPY
2013Vol.2013, No.21,000 JPY
2014Vol.2014, No.11,000 JPY
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