The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Herpetological Society of Japan —Oral presentations 10.24 (Sun)

Oral Presentation Room A (301) 2004.10.24 (Sun)

A-13 09:00—09:15 Sekiya, Kunio et al.
Seasonal changes of amphibian population in aquatic environments after restoration of abandoned paddy field in Kosado mountain area
A-14 09:15—09:30 Oyama, Jun
Life history of the Japanese Brown Frog, Rana Japonica, and role of the canal in the paddy field located in Cool Area of Japan
A-15 09:30—09:45 Hayashi, Terutake & Kimura Yuki
Low temperature tolerance in Rana limnocharis
A-16 09:50—10:05 Naitoh, Tomio et al.
Growth rate of the Rana tagoi tadpoles
A-17 10:05—10:20 Haramura, Takashi
Microhabitat selection of tadpoles (Buergeria japonica) inhabiting the coastal area
A-18 10:20—10:35 Iwai, Noriko et al.
Choice of oviposition site by Rana japonica: influence of the presence of conspecific egg or tadpoles
A-19 14:30—14:45 Okada, Sumio & Okada, Tamami
Distribution and status of the Japanese giant salamander in Tottori Prefecture
A-20 14:45—15:00 Okada, Tamami & Okada, Sumio
Movements of the Japanese giant saramander in the Hino River, Tottori prefecture -II
A-21 15:00—15:15 Watanabe, Yuko et al.
Reproduction of Hynobius nebulosus in an artificial pond in Kyoto, VI
A-22 15:20—15:35 Okawa, Hiroshi et al.
Groupes of Hynobius nebulosus in the Chugoku District
A-23 15:35—15:50 Sato, Takanori et al.
Habitat Use of Siberian Salamander Salamandrella keyserlingii distributed in Kushiro Marsh, Hokkaido
A-24 15:50—16:05 Misawa, Yasuchika & Matsui, Masafumi
Use of passive integrated transpoder (PIT) tags to individually identify Hynobius kimurae

Oral Presentation Room B (303) 2004.10.24 (Sun)

B-13 09:00—09:15 Toyama, Masanao
Geographical variation in external morphology of Eumeces marginatus complex
B-14 09:15—09:30 Okamoto, Taku et al.
The population structure along the boundary between parapatric distribution of Eumeces latiscutatus and E. japonicus (Reptilia: Scicidae)
B-15 09:30—09:45 Takiguchi, Isao & Ota, Hidetoshi
Morphological variation in the colubrid snake Dinodon semicarinatum (Reptilia, Squamata) within Okinawajima Island, central Ryukyus, Japan
B-16 09:50—10:05 Ota, Hidetoshi
Taxonomic status and biogeographical bearings of a population of the colubrid genus Sibynophis (Reptilia, Squamata) from Cheju Island, Korea
B-17 10:05—10:20 Sakata, Shuichi et al.
Phylogenetic relationships of Malagasy scincine lizards
B-18 10:20—10:35 Hikida, Tsutomu
Systematics and phyogeny of the genus Tropidophorus (Reptilia: Scincidae)
B-19 14:30—14:45 Katayama, Akira et al.
Phylogeography of Elaphe quadrivirgata, on the basis of mitochondrial DNA
B-20 14:45—15:00 Toriba, Michihisa et al.
Gloydius brevicaudus PLA2 inhibitor from the serum of Elaphe climacophora
B-21 15:00—15:15 Fujii, Ryo & Ota, Hidetoshi
Notes on a morphologically characteristic population of Chinemys reevesii (Reptilia: Geoemydidae) from Nigata Prefecture, Japan
B-22 15:20—15:35 Yasukawa, Yuichirou
First distributional record of the genus Chitra from northwestern Malaysia and its taxonomic position
B-23 15:35—15:50 Shimada, Naoyuki et al.
Reproductive cycle and the size and age at sexual maturity of the female red-eared slider, Trachemys scripta elegans
B-24 15:50—16:05 Yabe, Takashi
Reproductive ecology of the female Asian yellow pond turtle, Mauremys mutica kami, investigated by the X-ray photography
B-25 16:05—16:20 Kamezaki, Naoki et al.
Effects of the degradation of a coral reef ecosystem to the growth of hawksbill turtles

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