The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Herpetological Society of Japan —Oral presentations 10.23 (Sat)

Oral presentation Room A (301) 2004.10.23 (Sat)

A-01 10:30—10:45 Mori, Akira & Toda, Mamoru
Where and when to sit-and-wait? Day-by-day determination of ambushing by Trimeresurus okinavensis
A-02 10:45—11:00 Tanaka, Koji
A radiotelemetric study of thermoregulation of melanistic and striped Elaphe quadrivirgata
A-03 11:00—11:15 Ikeuchi, Isami
The seasonal change of microhabitat selection of Gekko japonicus in Kyoto
A-04 11:20—11:35 Okochi, Isamu & Yoshimura Mayumi
Population densities of Anolis carolinensis in the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands
A-05 11:35—11:50 Yamashiro, Saiko et al.
Comparisons of reproductive characteristics between two different clones of the parthenogenetic gecko, Lepidodactylus lugubris (Reptilia, Gekkonidae)
A-06 11:50—12:05 Takahashi, Hiroo et al.
Life history of chameleons (Furcifer rhinoceratus and F. oustaleti) in western dry forest of Madagascar
A-07 13:30—13:45 Masunaga, Gen
Seasonal variation of the digestive tract contents in the sea snake, Emydocephalus ijimae (Reptilia, Elapidae)
A-08 13:45—14:00 Kidera, Noriko & Ota, Hidetoshi
Variation in the tolerance against the toad venom by the snakes of the Ryukyus and adjacent regions
A-09 14:00—14:15 Utsunomiya, Taeko & Kameyama, Takeshi
Now and past stories on Rana porosa brevipoda Ito, Hiroshima Prefecture
A-10 14:20—14:35 Fujitani, Takeshi, Mitani, Shinya & Miura, Ikuo
The albinic tadpoles of the frog Rana nigromaculata most frequently and extensively found in the northwest of Aichi Prefecture
A-11 14:35—14:50 Takenaka, Sen
Reproductive season of the Ezo brown frog, Rana pirica
A-12 14:50—15:05 Takahara, Teruhiko, Kohmatsu, Yukihiro & Yamaoka, Ryohei
Comparison of influences of chemicals from predators on Hyla japonica and Rana rugosa tadpoles

Oral Presentation Room B (303) 2004.10.23 (Sat)

B-01 10:30—10:45 Matsui, Masafumi
On two forms of Bornean ranid, Staurois tuberilinguis
B-02 10:45—11:00 Nishikawa, Kanto et al.
Genetic variation in caecilians from Sabah, Malaysia
B-03 11:00—11:15Shimada, Tomohiko & Matsui, Masafumi
Correct larval and adult identifications of several Meristogeys species through DNA analysis
B-04 11:20—11:35 Sumida, Masayuki et al.
Reproductive isolating mechanisms and genetic divergence in the rice frog Rana limnocharis from Eastern, Southeastern and Southern Asia elucidated by crossing experiments and mitochondrial gene sequence analysis
B-05 11:35—11:50 Igawa, Takeshi et al.
Complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus japonicus and implications for amphibian phylogeny
B-06 11:50—12:05 Kuro-o, Masaki et al.
Molecular cytogenetic analysis of the highly repetitive DNA in six hynobiid salamanders, with comments on their phylogenetic relationships
B-07 13:30—13:45 Ikebe, Chikako et al.
Ag-NOR sites in chromosomes of four Hynobius species and FISH analysis of major rRNA gene loci in H. nigrescens
B-08 13:45—14:00 Sako, Yosuke et al.
Repeated DNA sequence of the giant salamander The Xba repeat enriched with palindromes—
B-09 14:00—14:15 Okamoto, Kei et al.
The mitochondrial genome of the giant salamander Its gene organization and evolutionary rate of base substitution
B-10 14:20—14:35 Miura, Ikuo et al.
Melody transformed from the gene sequence of giant salamander
B-11 14:35—14:50 Tominaga, Atsushi et al.
Morphological variation of Hynobius naevius
B-12 14:50—15:05 Toda, Mamoru
Morphological comparisons of the two undescribed cryptic species of the "TAKARA-YAMORI Form" and their phylogenetic position in the East Asian Gekko

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